Download Midisoft's Session 4

1) You have chosen to download a copy of Midisoft's Session 4. The link for this is below - but before you do it, note the following:-

2) Session 4 may be difficult to run under Windows XP unless you installed it properly - with the help of the special XP "Install Session 4" HTML Files, which tell you in some detail how to do it!
I suggest you download those HTML Files, and read them before you attempt the installation.

3) You are about to download about 2 Megs' worth of zipped (compressed) File (if you haven't got a broadband connection this will take several minutes, so be patient). Unless you're using Windows 98 (and later) you'll need a suitable "unzipper" program ... WinZip should be fine.

4) To start the download simply click on each of the "download" links below. Your system should then offer you the choice of where you want to put each downloaded File (or to deal with it where it is: don't to that, but instead actually choose to download each File to wherever you want). You can effect the download to the Desktop or to any Folder, and then afterwards transfer the Files to a more suitable Folder, though I suggest that before clicking on the link you set up a specific Folder - "Session 4", say, under your "Programs" Folder - somewhere suitable, and then direct the download straight to that Folder.

5) Once you've put the downloaded Files - self-extracting Session4-SETUP.EXE and the HTML combination Zip File - where you'll eventually want them, then first click on the latter File - and Windows/WinZip should open it up and extract and decompress the set of Files in there. Click on Midisoft-Session4-Install.htm, and read and inwardly digest. Then, when you think you know what you're doing, click on the self-extracting Session4-SETUP.EXE, and away you go (after selecting either the 16-bit or the 32-bit version, for Windows 3.1 or 95 et al respectively). One of the Files that will be decompressed is the executable Session 4 File, SESSION.EXE. It doesn't need installing: it just sits there, complete and ready to go (and you can create and drop a ShortCut on your Desktop, or wherever).

Keep all the original downloaded zipped Files, just in case!

6) Don't forget: to get all sixteen possible General Midi channels you must, BEFORE you load any Midi File, go to Setup/Midi Drivers and select GENERAL Midi. With Version 4 you can then Save this SetUp, so you won't need to do it again the next time you load Session 4.

So, if you're now ready to download ... click on download Session 4 now, and then click on download HTML Files now - and good luck!

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Last updated by John on 19/Sep/06