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Stevie Wishart

Go in peace

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Notes for singers/conductor

The Semi-Chorus Sopranos and Altos sing the same as the main Sopranos and Altos unless, as on pages 3 and 4, they have their own notes to sing.

Semi-Sops, Semi-Altos: the bar 35 dynamic is TBC by conductor
Sop2 bars 41-42, 49-50: the lower E does not crescendo (so don't follow Sop1)
A similar idea happens at the end between the Sops and the Altos; there is no Alto crescendo

The preparation of these Files was commissioned by the Composer.
Go in peace
UNemphasized Semi-Sop 1 Semi-Sop 2 Semi-Alto 1 Semi-Alto 2 Sop 1 Sop 2  Alto 1   Alto 2  Tenor  Bass 
Go in peace yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

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Files originally uploaded in May/18.