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R Vaughan Williams

Serenade to Music

Because of Copyright problems the Midi Files identified below are no longer publicly available.

The score for this Work is published free of Copyright by IMSLP.

There is a competent performance of this Work by on YouTube starting here.

Here are the available Midi Files for this Work. In the Score each Voice is generally divided into upper and lower parts, and sometimes one of these is further divided into two, making (for that Voice) three parts in all. Sometimes it is the upper Voice that is further divided, sometimes the lower, and generally the note stems - up or down - reveal which part is so divided. Although, in the Midi Files, all the notes are included, the various Voices have only been divided into two (upper and lower) parts, and thus into two (upper and lower) Files; each part's File contains whichever "third part" notes are relevant, as determined by the stem up/down criterion. Unfortunately this means that the notes for the "middle" Voice can be either with the upper Voice notes or with the lower Voice notes - and thus sometimes in the upper Voice File and sometimes in the lower Voice File. Sorry!

Serenade to Music
UNemphasized Soprano 1 Soprano 2 Alto 1 Alto 2 Tenor 1 Tenor 2 Bass 1 Bass 2
Serenade to Music yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

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