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Will Todd

Mass in Blue (Version 2)

Because of Copyright concerns the Midi Files identified below are not publicly available.

Midi Rehearsal Files for the original version of this Work were at first made publicly available by Will Todd himself on his own Website - here - specifically so that Choirs and Choral Societies could practise the Work prior to performing it. The second version, however, has not been so published, and accordingly, although they have been produced, the comparable Midi Rehearsal Files are not publicly available.

Here is a "clickable" Table of the available Midi Files for this Work:-

Mass in Blue (Version 2)
UNemphasized Soprano 1
 Alto 1 
Tenor 1
 Bass 1 
1: Kyrie yes yes yes yes
2: Gloria yes yes yes yes
3: Credo yes yes yes yes
4: Sanctus yes yes yes yes
5: Benedictus yes yes yes yes
6: Agnus Dei yes yes yes yes

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Files originally uploaded in Aug/16.