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C V Stanford

Phaudrig Crohoore

Originally the first half of this was keyed in by me, the second by Chris Hills, but subsequently I almost completely re-notated the second half, and this was then carefully checked - and corrected; thanks, Chris - and expanded by separating out all the Voices into Parts 1 and 2..

You can freely and lawfully download a printable score for this Work from IMSLP - the Petrucci Music Library - though it may not be exactly the same as the one used to make the Midi Files below, and it probably won't be as good as a proper paid-for engraved and printed score.

There is an excellent performance of this Work by the BBC Singers (director, John Poole) accompanied by the BBC Concert Orchestra (leader, Arthur Leavins) and conducted by Ashley Lawrence, on YouTube starting here.

Here is a "clickable" Table of the available Midi Files for this Work. The first set of Files assumes a piano accompaniment. The second set provides a "synthesised" orchestral accompaniment, which to my mind sounds rather more interesting.

The preparation of these Files was commissioned by Chris Hills for the University of the Third Age, Cambridge.

Phaudrig Crohoore
UNemphasized Soprano 1 Soprano 2  Alto 1  Alto 2 Tenor 1 Tenor 2  Bass 1  Bass 2
Phaudrig Crohoore yes
yes yes yes yes yes yes
"Orchestral" Phaudrig Crohoore yes
yes yes yes yes yes yes

That's the end of the Work.

And if something doesn't work properly, please let me know (see the "Comments" section of my Homepage).

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Files originally uploaded in Feb/20.