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The Crucifixion

Here is a "clickable" Table of the available Midi Files for this Work (first in each column are all the relevant Files zipped up). In a few cases the individual Voices may be divided - but I have not made separate Files for them.

The Crucifixion
UNemphasized Soprano  Alto  Tenor  Bass 
All Files All Files All Files All Files All Files
1: And they came to a place named Gethsemane None None None None
2: The agony yes yes yes yes
3: Procession to Calvary yes yes yes yes
4: And when they were come None None None None
5: The mystery of the Divine Humiliation yes yes yes yes
6: He made Himself no reputation None None None None
7: The majesty of the Divine Humiliation None None None None
8: And as Moses lifted up the Serpent None None None None
9: God so loved the world yes yes yes yes
10: Litany of the Passion yes yes yes yes
11: Jesus said, "Father, forgive them" None None None None
12: So Thou liftest Thy divine petition None None None None
13: The mystery of the intercession yes yes yes yes
14: And one of the malefactors None None yes yes
15: The adoration of the crucified yes yes yes yes
16: When Jesus therefore saw His Mother None None yes yes
17: Is it nothing to you? None None None None
18: The appeal of the crucified yes yes yes yes
19: After this, Jesus knowing that
all things were now accomplished
None None yes yes
20: For the love of Jesus yes yes yes yes

That's the end of the Work.

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