George Frideric Handel

The ways of Zion do mourn - Funeral Anthem for Queen Caroline

This Anthem, originally - as its secondary title says - for the funeral of Queen Caroline, wife of George I, was re-worked by Handel as the first part of his Oratorio "Israel in Egypt", describing the defeat of the Jews and their transportation to Egypt, though these days the re-worked version is rarely used as such. Parts 1 and 2 of "Israel" - see " Israel in Egypt" - were thus originally Parts 2 & 3.

Here is a "clickable" Table of the available Midi Files for this Work (with thanks to Mike Gibson, who provided the original Noteworthy Files)
Note that in Part 6 the Sopranos are NOT divided out.

The ways of Zion do mourn
UNemphasized Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
1: Sinfonia None None None None
2: The Ways of Zion do mourn yes yes yes yes
3: She put on righteousness yes yes yes yes
4: When the ear heard her yes yes yes yes
5: How are the mighty fall'n yes yes yes yes
6: She deliver'd the poor that cried yes yes yes yes
7: How are the mighty fall'n yes yes yes yes
8: The righteous shall be had yes yes yes yes
9: Their bodies are buried in peace yes yes yes yes
10: The people will tell of their wisdom yes yes yes yes
11: They shall receive a glorious Kingdom yes yes yes yes
12: The merciful goodness of the Lord yes yes yes yes

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