W S Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan

Trial by Jury

Here is a "clickable" Table of the available Midi Files for this Work:-

Trial by Jury
UNemphasized Soprano  Alto  Tenor  Bass 
No: 1
Hark, the Hour of Ten is Sounding
Now, Jurymen, Hear My Advice,...
Is this the Court of the Exchequer?
yes yes yes yes
Nos: 2 & 3
When First my Old, Old Love I Knew...
Oh, I Was Like That When a Lad
Silence in Court!...
All Hail Great Judge!...
For these Kind Words Accept my Thanks
yes yes yes yes
No: 4
When I, Good Friends, Was Call'd to the Bar
yes yes yes yes
No: 5
Swear Thou the Jury
Kneel, Jury men, oh, kneel!
None None None None
No: 6
Where is the Plaintiff...
Comes the Broken Flower...
O'er the Season Vernal
yes None None None
No: 7
Oh, Never, Never, Never,
      Since I Joined the Human Race
Monster! Monster! dread our fury!
yes yes yes yes
No: 8
May it Please You, My Lud
With a sense of deep emotion
Cheer up, my pretty - Oh, cheer up!
yes yes yes yes
No: 9
That She is Reeling is plain to me!
yes yes yes yes
No: 10
Oh, Gentlemen, Listen, I Pray
yes yes None None
No: 11
That Seems a Reasonable Proposition
yes yes yes yes
No: 12
A Nice Dilemma
yes yes yes yes
No: 13
I love him - I love him -
The question, gentlemen - is one of liquor:
All the legal furies seize you!
yes yes yes yes
No: 14
Oh, Joy Unbounded
And a good judge too!
yes yes yes yes

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