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Gabriel Faure


There are numerous competent performances of this Work on YouTube. A good one by a large Choir is that by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, Conductor Robert Shaw, starting here. An excellent one by a smaller Choir is that by the Ensemble Orchestral de Paris, Choeur Accentus, under Laurence Equilbey, starting here.

There are several different versions of this Work, and several different Scores - which broadly follow either the Novello scheme or the Rutter/OUP scheme. The Midi Files as originally prepared followed the Novello scheme, and they are here. Subsequently I made a revised version of the Files so as to follow more closely the Rutter/OUP scheme. If you prefer that one, then they are are those in the Table below.

Here is a "clickable" Table of the available "OUP/Rutter-type" Midi Files for this Work.
Please note that in sections 2, 3 and 6 the Tenors or Basses have not been divided.

These Midis can be played either using a conventional Midi Player, such as Chris Hills's MidiPlay or the Windows Media Player, or using the rather different Choral Music Tutor, which is a web app that plays MIDI files. Choral Music Tutor runs on any device - any Desktop PC (Windows or Mac), Tablet (Android or iPad) or Smartphone (Android or iPhone) - that can browse the internet. It is not an app that you have to download or install. In the Table below, "CMT" loads the UNemphasised version; an individual Voice can then be emphasised by clicking its Emph toggle button (the volume can also be adjusted with the slider). There is more information about playing MIDI Files here.

Requiem (OUP/Rutter-type)
UNemphasized Soprano  Alto  Tenor Tenor 2  Bass   Bass 2  Choral Music Tutor
1: Introit - Kyrie yes yes yes yes yes yes CMT
2: Offertorium yes yes yes Undivided yes Undivided CMT
3: Sanctus yes yes yes Undivided yes Undivided CMT
4: Pie Jesu None None None None None None CMT
5: Agnus Dei yes yes yes yes yes yes CMT
6: Libera Me yes yes yes Undivided yes Undivided CMT
7: In Paradisum yes yes yes yes yes yes CMT

That's the end of the Work.

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Files originally uploaded in Jan/14.